Strange Booming Sound Heard in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky

strange sound seismograph

Unexplained booming sound was heard and felt across the states of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Loud explosive booms were heard across Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. The sounds were intense enough for residents to feel accompanying vibrations. The source of the booms remain a mystery.

The unexplained boom occurred on the evening of Wednesday, January 9, 2013. University of Southern Indiana Professor of Geology, Paul Doss has said that the mystery booms are not coming from earthquakes: “Earthquake energy is an acoustic energy, but it would not be transmitted out of the crust and into the atmosphere. When I look over the last few days, at these times, nothing, nothing.”

Aircraft breaking the sound barrier could create a sonic boom, making a simiar type of sound. However, the US Air Force says that there were no planes breaking the sound barrier.

Unexplained mystery booms and horn type sounds have been a recent phenomenon that has been occurring world-wide.

Loud booms continue throughout the Tri-State
Recurrent loud and mystery booms in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky (Tri State: WFIE) – January 9 2013