Skunk Ape Caught On Video In Mississippi

Skunk Ape in Mississippi

Hog hunter captures video of the legendary Skunk Ape with his iPhone while hunting in the Mississippi swamps.

On October 24, 2013, just 9 miles west of Tunica, MS, Josh Highcliff was out hog hunting on his property in a part of the swamp that is not too far from the road.

He was in full camouflage, sitting dead still waiting for it to get dark, when the hogs come out. He was sitting on a tree around 6 pm when he heard a noise behind him.

When Josh turned around, he could not believe what he was seeing. He saw “this huge black thing,” roughly 50 yards out, crouching by a dead cypress tree. At first, he thought it was a hog, but then saw it had huge shoulders and an upright head. It was using it’s hands to dig out the stump.

His first instinct was to run, but then thought that no one would believe him, so he took out his iPhone and started video taping the strange creature. Although he had a gun, he was so petrified, he did not think to use it.

When a truck passed by on the nearby road, the creature stood up. Josh panicked and ran. He estimated its size to be around 7 feet tall.

Trying to make sense of the incident, Josh posted the video to YouTube, hoping to find out more information about this creature. See the video below.