President Obama’s 2008 Campaign Pilot’s UFO Sighting

As far as witnesses to UFO sightings go, pilots are among the most credible. They know what’s in the sky, are usually subjected to background screenings and psychological evaluations, and are typically intelligent, logical individuals. Here we have Andrew Danziger,not only a 28-year veteran of piloting airliners, but one of the pilots that flew Barack Obama around during his 2008 presidential campaign.

Captain Danziger, who writes a specialty column for the New York Daily News, wrote an article which ponders the question, “Do pilots believe in UFOs?” His answer is, yes, many of them do, then he goes on to recount his own UFO encounter.

The Captain’s UFO sighting happened on April 10, 1989 when he was still a first officer.  The flight had just taken off from Kansas City International Airport, en route to Waterloo, IA on what he describes as “a beautiful evening, with a full moon, clear skies and crisp early spring temperatures.”

While at a cruising altitude of about 15,000 feet and Waterloo just about 200 miles away, they started to encounter “wispy clouds everywhere.” Then a white disc that was dimly lit, but clearly visible, appeared through the clouds off to the plane’s right.

Danziger describes the it looking “similar to the moon faintly visible though thin fog,” but it could not have been the moon, as the moon and the craft were both visible at the same time on opposite sides of the cockpit. Neither Danziger nor the captain had any clue to what they were seeing.

After 20 to 30 minutes of cruising toward Waterloo, staring at the disc through the wispy clouds that somehow never seemed to dissipate, despite Air Traffic Control reporting clear skies and unrestricted visibility, they began their descent to Waterloo.

Danziger explains, “We got busy with our flying duties and for a short while, maybe for a minute, both of us had looked away from the disc, but when I looked up at it again I saw something that has been burned into my memory.”

He yelled to the captain, who immediately looked up. There, above the clouds where the white disc had been, was a giant red ball. Danziger describes, “It was big and bright and just sat there above the clouds. It wasn’t intense enough to illuminate us with a red glow but it was still plenty bright.”

They watched in stunned in silence while the craft flew parallel with the plane, even as the plane descended. Upon the strange craft’s descent, it slowly disappeared behind the wispy clouds that were still present. After about 30 seconds, it vanished behind the clouds completely.

“The instant it fully disappeared, hundreds of lights began flashing from within the clouds,” Danziger tells. The cloud that the UFO had hidden behind began to stretch apart, the two halves getting thinner and thinner until it tore apart. The craft was gone. The thin wispy clouds that have been with them over the last 40 minutes – inexplicably gone too.

Photo Credit: Ralf Roletschek CC-SA-3.0