Passenger Airplane Nearly Collides with UFO

Airbus A320

On December 2, 2012, an Airbus A320 passenger plane nearly collided with a UFO as it approached Glasgow Airport in Scotland.

The incident took place at an altitude of around 3500 feet. Both pilots reported seeing the UFO straight ahead of them, but did not have time to react.

The UFO passed at an estimated 300 feet directly below the Airbus. The pilots agreed on the description of the strange craft as blue with some yellow or silver coloring and a small front end that was “bigger than a balloon.” The air traffic controller was not able to see the object on radar.

The incident was investigated by The UK Airprox Board, which is an agency assigned to the task of looking into near misses in the sky.

Members of the Airprox Board concluded that the object was not likely to be another airplane or helicopter, as there was an absence of a primary radar return.

Hand gliders, para-motor crafts, and para-gliders were also considered unlikely explanations as they too would have produced a radar return, and would unlikely be in such close proximity to a major airport.

Passenger Plane Involved in Near Miss with UFO