Cattle Mutilation Case in New Mexico Leaves Rancher Puzzled


Rancher Joseph Torres knew that one of his cattle went missing, but he was shocked when he found out what had happened to the six month old heifer.

Torres’s son had gone hunting on the family ranch, which is about 40 miles west of Trinidad, when he happened upon the missing heifer.

In near classic cattle mutilation form, it was missing its tongue, part of one ear, and had its uterus removed. There was no blood or signs of human presence in the area. To add to the strangeness, all vegetation in a 12 to 14 foot radius of the animal was dead.

Having researched similar cases in the area, Chuck Zukowski of Mutual UFO Network was contacted to aid in the investigation of the incident. MUFON tries to determine if there is a possible link between the cattle mutilation, and any reports of UFO sightings in the nearby area.