Cafe Opens in Haunted Building

Haunted Cottage Cafe

Paranormal investigators Chris Scharrer and Lisa Bishop combine their passion for food and the paranormal by opening a restaurant in a haunted building.

Scharrer and Bishop opened the Cottage Cafe, located in Plover, Wisconsin, in one of Portage county’s oldest buildings. The building is over 160 years old and has been known to be a hotspot for paranormal activity.

The haunted cafe opened on November 6th, 2013, and has been mentioned in the publication,Haunted Heartland.

So, just what kind of paranormal activity has been taking place?

Over the years there has been reports of locked doors opening on their own, glasses being knocked off the bar, and lights mysteriously turning off an on.

Scharrer and Bishop, who are sisters, have been interested in the paranormal for years. They founded the Stevens Point Paranormal Investigators which has been investigating paranormal activity across the country for about the past 25 years.

The Stevenspoint Journal: Paranormal Experts Open Cafe in Haunted Plover Building